Introducing Overconn

Overconn, a company of the Italian H.T.S. Group, is an innovative company that has been operating for years in various market sectors, offering cutting-edge, customer-friendly solutions.

Strengthened by collaboration with several international and Italian Partners Overconn is constantly developing new products, for a wide range of types, market standards, based on Overconn's own expertise in the industrial sector. Highly innovative solutions, in some cases covered by international patents and offered under the Overconn®, Overleds® and Overcold® brands, worldwide, directly and/or through a network of specialized distributors.

Overconn's mission is to position itself in the market as a producer of highly innovative and technological solutions that can be patented and tailored to the specific needs of the end user.

Over 500 customers
Present in 20 countries
Market sectors
Product types
Over 10,000 managed codes

Our team

The Overconn development team deals directly with the design, prototyping and pre-industrialization of Hardware and software components, making possible interfaces for connection with computer systems for monitoring and supervision, in collaboration with its Partners and with the Computer Science and Engineering departments of the best Italian Universities.

Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be enough for tomorrow.
William Pollard

Our mission statement

Compete with big Brands by giving strength to one's Overconn brand, to be perceived by the market as "unique" as well as "reference experts of a niche market. Specialization, differentiation and uniqueness, indeed.