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Our products

Overconn® specializes in the manufacture of connectors, wired and co-molded, signal and power distributors for industrial automation and LEDs. Our product range is used in a variety of fields, from automation to industrial lighting.

EN175301-803 solenoid valve connectors and accessories

Overconn® offers a complete range of solenoid valve connectors, compliant with industry standard EN 175301-803 (formerly DIN 43650) typically used in many applications in conjunction with pneumatic and hydraulic systems.

The range includes versions with electronic circuitry to protect against overvoltage peaks, such as VDR, diode and transil, in various voltages, as well as other options with LED and resistor signalling. In addition, IP67 options, where available, ensure better protection against dust and water.

  • Hydraulic and pneumatic solenoid valves
  • Earth moving vehicles
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Forklifts
  • Waste collection truck
  • Mining machinery
  • Cranes and lifting equipment

Circular connectors

Products for industrial sensor/actuator and signal applications in multiple variants. With screw connection or molded the range of M8 and M12 connectors includes versions with cable, to be wired or for direct mounting of PCBs as well as brush.

Signal and power distributors for industrial automation

A complete range of solutions using circular connectors, solenoid valves and more, which can be customized according to specific customer needs.


Overconn® develops and manufactures LED lamps and lighting systems, with M12 and M8 connection system. The range includes versions with high IP rating, protected from dust and water, suitable for applications in harsh and hostile environments, and with COB (chip on board) technology, suitable for applications where point source is not appreciated (e.g., vision systems).

The robustness of the structure makes Overconn® lamps particularly suitable for use in machine tools, food processing, earthmoving and general industrial applications.

Overconn® is able to offer its customers the possibility of customized solutions, both in mechanical and electrical terms, in order to meet specific needs, for specific situations.

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What we deal with

We design and manufacture with you everything related to industrial connection and lighting with circular connectors and connector slippers.
Design of systems and wiring on the machine
By entrusting us with your projects, you can count on the complete design and construction of integral machine-board wiring. From electric cable to connection boxes. Wiring harnesses with totally customized M8 connectors and M12 connectors.
Continuous innovation on M12 and M8 connector systems
With the OTC© and OTW systems we enter the OVERCONN world made up of continuous innovation and highly sophisticated technological solutions that respond to the ever-changing needs of the electrical industry.
Consulting and LED lighting
What you need to shape your specific needs. Thanks to our experience and the potential of our technical office, we guide you in the rationalization of your M8 and M12 cabling systems, as well as the LED lighting of automatic machines.
Present all over the world
We distribute worldwide. Our connection systems equip the best equipment and industrial automatic machines. M8, M12, 7/8" industrial connectors, solenoid valve connectors and LED industrial lighting. From Italy to the world.
Power circular connectors
The product range includes the M12 version with co-moulded cable up to 630V and 16° in K, L, S and T coding, for many applications where dimensions with the same power are a fundamental element.
Solutions designed specifically for you and your needs. We create on your specifications cabling systems adapted to every single aspect of the project. Not just components, but solutions.

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